April 22 Time is flying

sugar bowl

Boy, time is sure flying by and I am just not finding time to paint.  Before Fish Fest we took off to go skiing “one last time” but this has happened at least twice since the snow just keeps on coming in Tahoe. And it was nice spring skiing! I did sketch some even while sitting in the sun at Sugar Bowl…a kind man asked if he should move so as to not ruin my view. Alas, had to tell him that I was sketching from my head. As usual I had conjured up a scene that was bouncing around and needed to get out. But I did do one of the mountain too…here it is. The other one I have to keep to myself until I can get it on a canvas. I am just too excited about it to reveal the sketches. Might pan out, might not.  Since I have been missing my daily posts, here are a couple of other sketches…soon to become paintings if I have anything to say about it.

Farm Scene Three trees and farm house more to follow.

Bodega Bay Fisherman’s Festival April 17 – 18

Fish Fest Poster Image final for blogThe 37th Bodega Bay Fisherman’s Festival is Saturday and Sunday, April 17-18 from 10am- 5pm in Westside Park. www.bbfishfest.org This has always been a fun, community effort run by local volunteers to celebrate our hometown fishing fleet and their families. All proceeds go to fund our local elementary school, the BB Fire Department, the BB Grange, Community Center and other local organizations.  Salty dogs and regular dogs are welcomed, along with llamas and sea creatures. The boat building contest and race is a huge highlight along with the display of very cool rescue helicopters and of course the fishing fleet boat parade and blessing of the fleet.  My artwork was chosen for the poster this year. I was lucky enough to be selected in previous years; 2001 and 2005. In 2008 I was honored to design the poster using an old photograph from the Ames family archives…one of Bodega Bay’s proud fishing families.

2001 Poster color corrected for blog 2005 Posterfor blog

Fisherman’s Festival for blog

April 12

Vase of Flowers watercolor Here is a little watercolor. Guess you can tell, if I am busy and/or its raining madly then I create a watercolor.  Tomorrow I’ll be traveling in a car for hours and I am already armed with my traveling set up. I will draw in the car, and paint later. I expect to see landscapes along the way to inspire me. I often try writing notes about color  but that rarely works, so I just have to remember them.  I did this watercolor with a water soluble pen…this can be tricky but if you are delicate with it you can get a cool effect.

April 9 Red Jar redux

April 9-1 for blog Making up for my lack of a post yesterday, I made sure I painted today…this time that same  jar from Wednesday. This time I used bigger canvas and with a palette knife., still in oil.  The photo doesn’t do it justice since light was dim in my studio when taking photo tonight. But even so, the shape of the jar is off so I need to correct that, but I love all the whites.

April 6: the perfect day

April 6 for blogI gessoed a bunch of canvases today, cleaned out my studio and managed to get this done. “Is it finished?” my husband asked.  It just might be, but not sure. It helps to see it at this small size; the actual piece is 18″ x 18″ or there about. Probably will fiddle with it more. But, tomorrow I get to paint with the talented Sandra Speidel.  I’ve been wanting to take her class again. Since  I am taking a break from teaching myself this is perfect timing.  Check out her work at www.sandraspeidel.com Love, love, love her work.

Back in the Saddle Again

Poppies in Vase finalToday was a great day. After a dramatic weather day yesterday (wind, hail, unrelenting rain), the sun came out and I managed to get to the  gym and into my studio.  Here are the results.  I finished the poppy painting started and posted last week  (the image in my recent email wasn’t really finished). I am very happy with this one.

Then I finished this other one from last week . The final on the left and the earlier version on the right.  By changing the color and value of the hillside I was able to get the buildings to pop. Then I had to change the sky color to make things flow. All of these are 24″ x 24″ on gallery wrap canvas.

Two White BarnsFarm House start for blogYou can see them next week at Graton Gallery when we open our new show “It’s For the Birds” featuring the outstanding watercolorist Sally Baker.

Not with a Bang but a Whimper

April 1-2Got the literary reference? T.S. Eliot’s The Hollow Men. I wrote a paper on this poem in college and it was tough…long story that I’ll tell you over a strong drink sometime.  The reason I chose this is cause after all the hoopla, I hardly had a chance to paint (and walk) today due to circumstances beyond my control BUT I did manage to do both things. The “paintings” are simple but I love them. I worked at the gallery, it rained, I painted in watercolors at the kitchen table when I got home…this is really how I started: with pen and ink and watercolor wash. Gotta say I still love it. I did about 10 images and I like them all but this one seemed to be the chosen one for today. Not a real important painting for Day One, but what the heck..gotta start somewhere.  And its kinda cute. BTY, I am posting this at 11:41 PST no matter what the paragraph below tells you…I made it before the midnight hour so this is still 4-1-2010.  No fools here.