April 22 Time is flying

sugar bowl

Boy, time is sure flying by and I am just not finding time to paint.  Before Fish Fest we took off to go skiing “one last time” but this has happened at least twice since the snow just keeps on coming in Tahoe. And it was nice spring skiing! I did sketch some even while sitting in the sun at Sugar Bowl…a kind man asked if he should move so as to not ruin my view. Alas, had to tell him that I was sketching from my head. As usual I had conjured up a scene that was bouncing around and needed to get out. But I did do one of the mountain too…here it is. The other one I have to keep to myself until I can get it on a canvas. I am just too excited about it to reveal the sketches. Might pan out, might not.  Since I have been missing my daily posts, here are a couple of other sketches…soon to become paintings if I have anything to say about it.

Farm Scene Three trees and farm house more to follow.

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