Painting Classes and Workshops Start this Month!

Row Houses at Shore for webFor all of you who want to try acrylic paints for the first time…my January weekend workshop is just the ticket (January 22-23 10am – 3pm). I provide all the materials and you get a complete and thorough introduction to painting with professional grade paints. My specialty is using a simplified palette of transparent primary pigments plus white. You would be amazed at how your color mixing skills quickly grow using this method and your work will always have a continuity…all the colors you use are related to this small family.

Many oil painters want to move away from the toxicity of oils but are afraid that acrylics look too fake. Well, I might have agreed with that about 10 years ago (yes, I was a naysayer myself) but the technology has caught up with the hype and acrylic paints are now very high grade in terms of pigment, flow and open time (ability to stay wet long enough to blend). They are incredibly versatile in that you can thin them to use like watercolors or add media to make them thick and paint impasto like plein air oils…and everything in between. Plus clean up is a breeze; just use water. No nasty chemical smells or flammability issues with acrylic paints and this new generation of products has lost the look of plastic…most people cannot tell which of my paintings are acrylic or oil (its difficult for me to tell too sometimes.)  Oh yes, since you asked,  I use primarily GOLDEN products and find their quality and consistency to be exceptional.

Pierce Pt Ranch #1 for webCheck out my site for a list of upcoming classes and workshops…you’ll be happy to spend your winter months painting and meeting other inspired artists! All open studio painting sessions and workshops are held at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts