Janet MooreI work primarily in my studio using a unique palette developed over 14 years, adapted from my early days as a watercolorist. Using only transparent, primary pigments plus white, I now paint mostly in acrylics and oils, reserving watercolor for sketches and studies. With brush and/or painting knife, I create my impression of places and objects that appeal to me.

I am at heart a minimalist. Just as a poet uses few words to express volumes, I choose to express a moment with just a few shapes and colors.

At the heart of each painting is observation, an essential skill for both scientists and painters. I worked as a marine biologist for 17 years here in California and in Washington and before that for 12 years in magazine publishing in Boston. Both of those very rewarding professions required keen observation. But looking at the world through the eyes of a painter is truly a new and informative experience. Just walking down the street becomes a lesson in the effect of light and color on shape and structure. The intellectual challenge is figuring out how to translate my visceral response onto paper or canvas. For me this entire process is exciting. Plus I love being outside and with painting I have a great excuse to spend unlimited time walking, looking, and wondering.