Not with a Bang but a Whimper

April 1-2Got the literary reference? T.S. Eliot’s The Hollow Men. I wrote a paper on this poem in college and it was tough…long story that I’ll tell you over a strong drink sometime.  The reason I chose this is cause after all the hoopla, I hardly had a chance to paint (and walk) today due to circumstances beyond my control BUT I did manage to do both things. The “paintings” are simple but I love them. I worked at the gallery, it rained, I painted in watercolors at the kitchen table when I got home…this is really how I started: with pen and ink and watercolor wash. Gotta say I still love it. I did about 10 images and I like them all but this one seemed to be the chosen one for today. Not a real important painting for Day One, but what the heck..gotta start somewhere.  And its kinda cute. BTY, I am posting this at 11:41 PST no matter what the paragraph below tells you…I made it before the midnight hour so this is still 4-1-2010.  No fools here.